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Review with Red: My Thoughts on 'Royal Problems'
Intro + Summary
Finally, we once again got another slice of life episode that we've been waiting for since we heard about it not long ago! If you remember the episode "Slice of Life" and how much hype it received from the fandom, you probably hoped we'd get another episode that features at least a few of the background characters that haven't had the spotlight too often. Granted there was Big Mac's moment with the CMC a few episodes before, but in all honesty, it's not as touching and unique as this certain episode: Royal Problems!
To explain, we start the episode with Twilight astonished that Starlight Glimmer is actually being sent by the map BY HERSELF to Canterlot where, as Spike thought, a problem with the Royal Sisters is surfacing. After some investigating, Starlight soon discovers that both sisters are hurting each other's feelings and don't realize they are even when they do something
:iconredhoofsketch:RedHoofsketch 1 0
Happy B-Day, Dr Wolf [Gift] by RedHoofsketch Happy B-Day, Dr Wolf [Gift] :iconredhoofsketch:RedHoofsketch 11 6
Playing ChatterBox with Terry
I was over at Terry's apartment for the weekend while her sister was at a friend's house for a slumber party. We grew kinda bored after a little while, so I decided to pull out my boxes of ChatterBox cards. ChatterBox was a game that helps to start a conversation and get to know each person a little more. It seemed like a good idea to share our little session with you guys, so here's how it went.
Me: Alright, Terry, we’re gonna play a game of ChatterBox. I pick a card that asks something about you, and you have to answer it as best and honest as you can. Sound good?
Terry: Sure, let’s try it.
Me: Okay, first question… *draws a card* “If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?”
Terry: Hmmm… I’d say about 8 or 9, I’d be able to do stuff while being more innocent and adorable x3
Me: Hehe, good answer x3
Okay, next question… Oh, and after every 3rd question, I sw
:iconredhoofsketch:RedHoofsketch 2 0
Up in the Treehouse [Request] by RedHoofsketch Up in the Treehouse [Request] :iconredhoofsketch:RedHoofsketch 12 50 Jigsaw (2011) by RedHoofsketch Jigsaw (2011) :iconredhoofsketch:RedHoofsketch 4 0 Deino (2011/12) by RedHoofsketch Deino (2011/12) :iconredhoofsketch:RedHoofsketch 6 8
Review with Red: My Thoughts on MLP Season 7 Ep 8
Intro + Summary
And so it has come to past that a new ship has unexpectedly been declared cannon after one of the latest episodes in MLP: "Hard to Say Anything." What ship is it, you ask? None other than our beloved pal Big Mac with the lovely Sugar Belle. You guys remember her right? One of the mares who live in that town that Starlight Glimmer founded? No. Well, that's okay, I kinda forgot about her too until now.
But what I really wanted to talk about is the episode itself, as it takes one little step further into developing the characters of both Big Mac and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. This episode, though with a variety of ups and downs, does an interesting job at reflecting the common battles of love.
[Before I go any further, I must warn those who haven't seen it... SPOILERS WILL BE DISCUSSED!! Turn back now if you don't wanna know what happens yet! This is my only warning.]
The episode starts off with the CMC trying out costumes for a talent
:iconredhoofsketch:RedHoofsketch 1 0
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Okay, I don't normally do this kind of thing, but this person has been needing some love for a while.

If any of you guys have some spare time, please go check out by little bro, JacobFox1998 !!

He posts some good comics as well as some digital art depicting many of his adventures!
even better Jacob by JacobFox1998  Jacob and Wrenchy by JacobFox1998  Verruckt by JacobFox1998  Us and our Girls of the families by JacobFox1998  Jacob and Mishiokami cuddling by JacobFox1998

He needs some love, and you're willing to give him some of yours, it would help us both A LOT!!

Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D 
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Just your average college guy with a talent for art. I enjoy creating furry, scaly, pony, and Pokemon art, along with some new stories here and there. I would also like to share my ideas on original characters and fanfictions with others. The best thing, however, that I like is having the opportunity to make new friends and sharing the things I love with them.

:heart: Me Cuddly-Fox-Waifu-Matey: :iconcuddlycandy: :heart:
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:iconsuperdashiebros: Miss you lots T^T
Inspirations: :iconcosmicchrissy: :iconwolfroxy: :icondrwolf010:

I'm always eager to meet more friendly people. :D If you wanna chat, feel free to message me below or send me a note.

I also have a FurAffinity account as well:…

And as always..~
"Freindship AND art are magic!" -Red Hoofsketch


...You really peeves me when I want to talk to people and after I respond they either take a long time to reply or they go talk to someone else. I mean... I understand my pals have other pals, but what's the point of asking to chat with me if you'll suddenly just talk to someone else and stay silent on my end?

...Sometimes I wonder if some people really like talking to me at all...

(I'm sorry for the vent, but I've been in a pissy mood today...)
Terry: Hey guys, Lara and I wanted to wish you all happy pride month~!
LGBT rainbow flag icon LGBT rainbow flag icon LGBT rainbow flag icon  
Lara: This month is the month to show your pride, no matter who or what you love, and we hope you all stay safe out in the warm weather!
Terry: Also, Red's thinking about drawing some art to commemorate this occasion, so let him know what you'd like to see ;3
Lara: Just don't ask for some "mature" art. I don't want pervs asking to see me and Rogue exposed! xP
Terry: One more thing, don't forget to enjoy a delicious doughnut today~! .:Number 1 Donut:. 
Sparkly Donut #nationaldonutday Sparkly Donut 
So I'm thinking of adding a new folder into my gallery for some of my best artwork that I've done before I joined DA. What do you guys think of it? Would you look at them?
My mother just looked at my art on here.

She's worried about me ^^;


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